Taste-testing cherry blossom foods in the DC area

Taste-testing cherry blossom foods in the DC area

No one can deny that cherry blossom fever has arrived in the District — a delight not only for the eyes, but also the taste buds. As the flowers bloom, the quantity and variety of cherry blossom-inspired foods multiply in the D.C. area.

Of course, the majority of these foods don’t typically use cherry blossoms as flavoring so much as inspiration. Instead, the easier-to-find cherry is the star for many seasonal dishes during this time of year in the District.

But how can you decide which new dishes are worth a try? Ƶapp put five different smaller businesses to the test by tasting and ranking their bloom-inspired treats. Find out which locally-made foods had Ƶapp staff coming back for a second (or third) bite below.

Cherry Blossom Doughnuts from

The deets: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken is always switching up their flavors, and this season, they’re offering a special Cherry Blossom Doughnut. The nicely decorated square-shaped treat is filled with a tart red cherry jam with a cream cheese glaze. It is available in singles for $5.35 or in a “Mini Cherry Blossom Box” set with 12 mini doughnuts for $38.

Average rating: 4.1 out of 5 (8 total reviews)

Notable quotes from Ƶapp:

Nia Dumas, Ƶapp Associate Producer: “Superb.”

Abigail Constantino, Ƶapp Digital Editor: “I don’t know if I like the jelly. It’s a little sour.”

Grace Newton, Ƶapp Associate Producer: “I’m usually not a huge fan of jelly in doughnuts, but this is really sweet, and … tastes really fresh. I’m a pretty big fan.”

Elly Rowe, Ƶapp Marketing Director: “The cherry filling, if you like filling, is very good, not super sweet.”

Dave Preston, Ƶapp Morning Sports Anchor and Reporter: “Love the frosting.”

Emily Venezky, Ƶapp Digital Editor and Writer: “I feel like this doughnut could taste terrible, and I would still like it because it’s so pretty. But it is really good.”

David Mundschenk, Ƶapp Broadcast Engineer: “I’d say overall this is a top-notch doughnut.”

Michelle Goldchain, Ƶapp Social Media & Video Editor: “Delicious.”

Cherry Blossom Old Fashioned Booze-Infused Ice Cream from

The deets: In a recent episode of Ƶapp’s “Matt About Town,” Matt Kaufax recently raised a glass (and a cone) to Tipsy Scoop, D.C.’s booze-infused ice cream shop. Now, Ƶapp staff have put the sweet shop to the test by sampling the Cherry Blossom Old Fashioned flavor. The cherry ice cream is infused with Hatozaki Finest Japanese Whisky as well as yuzu bitters and lemon. It has up to 5% alcohol and is only available for those ages 21 and up.

Average rating: 4 out of 5 (7 total reviews)

Notable quotes from Ƶapp:

Jay Webb, Ƶapp Videographer: “It’s pretty tasty, really smooth.”

Elly Rowe, Ƶapp Marketing Director: “This would be an amazing milkshake.”

Michelle Goldchain, Ƶapp Social Media & Video Editor: “If you try it, you’re going to know there’s definitely alcohol in there.”

Matt Mills, Ƶapp Director of Sales: “Is it vodka in there?”

Janie Worch, Ƶapp Director of Business Development: “It’s kind of medicinal … Does it have rum in it?”

Bill McFarland, Ƶapp News Director: “I can’t really tell you what alcohol is in there … Whiskey? No wonder I like it.”

Julie Ziegler, Ƶapp Director of News & Programming: “Not too overwhelming. Definitely a great taste.”

Cherry Blossom Pizza from

The deets: Stellina Pizzeria is offering several seasonal specials for spring, including a Cherry Blossom Spritz, a Cherry Blossom Negroni and also this Cherry Blossom Pizza that Ƶapp staff savored. The pizza, available for $17, is made with mozzarella, cherries, garlic confit, duck prosciutto, parsley hazelnut pesto and a porto wine reduction.

Average rating: 3.5 out of 5 (6 total reviews)

Notable quotes from Ƶapp:

Erron Franklin, Ƶapp Social Media & Video Editor: “The duck prosciutto, I like it. It has a little sweet hint to it. I’m not sure if I think of cherry blossoms when I eat it, but it’s good.”

Mike Jakaitis, Ƶapp Senior Broadcast Producer: “It’s not bad. Not bad at all … It’s pizza. I mean, I’ve had worse. You know, I’ve had better, but not bad.”

Michelle Goldchain, Ƶapp Social Media & Video Editor: “It really is a lot of greens, like that’s a lot of greens.”

Thomas Robertson, Ƶapp Web Writer and Editor: “It’s not necessarily my kind of pizza … but for what it is, if this is kind of your thing, it tastes fresh. The fruit is not overpowering … It’s not bad.”

George Molnar, Ƶapp Director of Technology: “It’s like having a very delicious salad.”

Alicia Abelson, Ƶapp PM Broadcast Writer: “I’m kind of a pizza snob … I thought it would be a little bit more flavorful … I don’t think there’s enough of the prosciutto. The cherries are fine. I think this pizza’s just fine.”

Cherry Scones from

The deets: New York-born Levain Bakery is sharing two limited-time offers to their Georgetown and Bethesda, Maryland, locations to celebrate the spring season. They include a cherry iced tea and a cherry scone. The $4 scone is made with whole rolled oats and plump dried sour cherries.

Average rating: 3.5 out of 5 (6 total reviews)

Notable quotes from Ƶapp:

Mariel Santa Cruz, Ƶapp Marketing Coordinator: “The cherry is chewy, but not overly chewy. It adds a good amount of sweetness. I think that the cherry-to-scone mass ratio is solid. You won’t be feeling left like you got skimped, but it won’t be like you’re just eating a fruitcake.”

JJ Green, Ƶapp National Security Correspondent: “Nice and hearty … This is good. This is well done. The flavors are subtle, but I can definitely taste the cherries.”

José Umaña, Ƶapp Digital Editor: “I was expecting more cherry. A little dry … A little bland … I’m kind of disappointed.”

Ana Golden, Ƶapp Associate Producer: “Could be a little sweeter.”

Michelle Goldchain, Ƶapp Social Media & Video Editor: “It’s not that cherry-forward … Not that tart. Not that sweet.”

Linh Bui, Ƶapp Reporter: “I like the cherry in it. It adds a sweetness. Mostly, it just tastes like a regular scone, though.”


The deets: This limited-run flavor at the Fairfax, Virginia, bakery is provided in batches of three, sold at $15.25. When provided to the customer, the ricotta cream base is offered in a piping bag rather than pre-filled in the cannoli shell, a decision made likely to ensure that the shell remains crisp when eaten. While separated from the cannoli shell, it’s an easy task to fill them with the cherry blossom-perfumed and cherry-filled cream, and there’s a a card provided with “how-to” instructions for those who may need them. No walk-ins are available at this bakery with pre-orders required.

Average rating: 4.2 out of 5 (6 total reviews)

Notable quotes from Ƶapp:

Terik King, Ƶapp Associate Producer and Host of the Ƶapp Book Report: “I like this. The cherry part is very prominent.”

Rob Woodfork, Ƶapp Sports Anchor and Reporter: “It’s sweet, crunchy, and it’s delectable.”

Dave Preston, Ƶapp Morning Sports Anchor and Reporter: “I think it’s understated and pleasant. I enjoy it … On the elite level.”

Tom Temin, Host and Managing Editor of the Federal Drive at the Federal News Network: “Great shell. Great multi-flavor … The cream is not overly sweet.”

Bill McFarland, Ƶapp News Director: “The cherry really jumps out at you. It’s very smooth. It’s very not too overwhelmingly sweet.”

Reada Kessler, Ƶapp Traffic Reporter: “I like that because that is different. That is different than your average cannoli.”


The deets: Cherries and chocolate are a classic combo, and Capital Candy Jar cranks their concoction up a notch by infusing the dark and white chocolate-flavored layers with cherry oil and a layer of real dried cherries. Topping it are pink sprinkles and chocolate drizzles.

Average rating: 3.8 out of 5 (6 total reviews)

Notable quotes from Ƶapp:

Nia Dumas, Ƶapp Associate Producer: “It’s like a fruity chocolate, but it has like a mint taste.”

Carrie Shokraei, Ƶapp Writer: “It’s good. It’s sweet … The white part of it, it tastes like a licorice, and I’m not really sure that’s something that I love.”

Emily Venezky, Ƶapp Digital Editor and Writer: “Oh, my gosh. It’s definitely floral and really sweet for chocolate, but I like it. I love the crunch, too.”

Michelle Goldchain, Ƶapp Social Media & Video Editor: “It has a nice, citrusy kind of finish to it. Very cherry.”

Elly Rowe, Ƶapp Marketing Director: “Very sweet … I feel like it would be good like sprinkled on ice cream or something like that.”

José Umaña, Ƶapp Digital Editor: “I thought it was going to be sweeter actually … If you like those little Nerds, it kind of pops in your mouth. I wish it was more chocolatey. The aftertaste is a lot of cherry.”

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